General Terms and Conditions


We are committed to treating all processes associated with the implementation of the contract with the utmost confidentiality and will not share this information with third parties. This commitment to confidentiality extends to all persons working in our company and for our company. This does not apply to information that is publicly known or easily accessible. 

Travel expenses

For work that takes place more than 30 kilometers from the location of the Leeway consultant, we charge the applicable mileage fee as well as the cost of additional travel expenses (business class flights for intercontinental air travel, economy class flights for inner-European air travel, first class for train transportation). When the travel time to and from the requested location exceeds eight hours in total, we charge half a daily rate for the travel time.


Services rendered are charged based on an agreed-upon daily rate. Initial consultations and follow-up meetings are charged by the hour, and one hour’s worth of work will be equivalent to 1/8 of the daily rate. Additional charges will apply for the creation of all supporting documents, minutes, and shipping costs. Services rendered will be charged when provided, or will be charged monthly on a prorated basis in the case of a service provided over multiple months. Invoices are due 14 days after receipt.


There is no cancellation charge if the cancellation is received prior to 28 days before the scheduled beginning of the project. If the client cancels between 28 and 14 days before the start of the project, there’s a cancellation fee of 75% of the contract value. If the cancellation is received within 14 days, the full project cost will be charged.  


The supporting materials, scripts and handouts that are provided during the course of a seminar or a consultation are and will remain the intellectual property of Leeway and are exclusively available for use by the persons who attended the event.  Further distribution and use of the materials – even within the client’s organization – need to be approved by Leeway in writing.


Regulations beyond these general terms need to be made in writing. The general terms of the division for management consulting of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber apply. Austrian law is the only applicable law. The place of jurisdiction is Vienna.


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