Navigating Complexity
Essential Competence No. 3: Believe in Others

Navigating Complexity

Leaders try to guide departments and teams by controlling and influencing existing relationships among their members. This does not work out and keeps the team from finding a solution to the problem at hand on its own terms. In our coaching sessions, each and every leader can learn to go with the flow of a team's unpredictable and ever-changing spirit while steering the team in the right direction.

Possible objectives and content

Learning to assist groups in conflict-solving
Learning to hold back
Working on conflicts in teams
Putting together suitable project teams
Supervision for team leading activities
Preparing for department meetings
Determining goals and content for project kickoffs
Assisting project teams as a leader

Situations and occasions for coaching activities with the objective of "Navigating Complexity"

Newly established team or department
Crisis or conflict within a team
Major change to the team's makeup
Reorganization within the organization
New leaders in the team
Merging of two departments or two teams
Dissolution of a team

Benefits for the organization

Leaders transfer tasks to teams and departments and subsequently support them in improving their problem-solving ability on a continuous basis. Making themselves superfluous will be their main priority. Employees will proactively provide information to each other with the goal of finding the best possible solution for the organization.

Benefits for participants

Leaders will feel well prepared for group situations because they will know the basic dynamics of people working in teams. They will be used to not knowing everything and they will intervene with intentional restraint. They will no longer see after all details of team collaboration and will have more time to take care of other tasks.


Solution-oriented questions
Analyzing the existing situation
Values of the team or department
Examination of the leader's group behavior
Creativity techniques
Small-scale constellations


Participant quote: "It has been wonderful to experience that the group becomes more effective as I do less."