Personal Growth
Essential Competence No. 1: Know Yourself

Personal Growth

Leaders have the task of preparing others for change. In order to achieve this, leaders themselves must be willing to undergo change while having strong inner values. In coaching situations, one can work both on one's willingness for change and on one's inner strength. Organizations can support leaders by offering coaching activities that allow them to further develop their personality while maintaining their identity.

Possible objectives and content

Determining one’s own stance
Determining one's developmental objectives
Discovering one's own values
Determining one's professional role and examining role conflicts
Sorting out one's personal values
Improving self management and time management
Identifying stress-related patterns and taking countermeasures
Learning to set priorities

Situations and occasions for coaching activities with the objective of "Personal Growth"

Long-term career planning
Support in emotionally difficult decisions
Long-term resource planning while taking into account your work-life-balance
Assistance and support for challenging projects involving change
Preparing for future leadership positions
Preventing work overload and burn-out
Preparing for working abroad

Benefits for the organization

Leaders will be aware of their own long-term goals and can reconcile them with the organization. The right leaders will be found to fill important leadership positions. Leaders will be able to actively work on those aspects of their personal development they need for new leadership positions.

Benefits for leaders

Leaders will know themselves and the world around them better than before. They will make quick decisions even in difficult situations. They will have well-defined goals and will be able to share them with other people. Leaders will feel the joy that comes from their own increased efficiency.


Solution-oriented questions
Mental journeys and visualization exercises
Role analyses
Working on role conflicts
Working on visions
Creativity techniques


Coachee quote: "I now have a clear idea of what is important to me. As a consequence, a lot of problems have simply vanished."