PDF-InformationWorkshop Facilitation

Workshops that are longer than half a day require a clear structure and more intensive preparation than shorter meetings. Facilitators thoroughly analyze the subject to be discussed and select the focus, the working method and the methodology in a targeted fashion. They come up with the structure and assume responsibility for the duration of all parts of the workshop. In this seminar, you will learn to plan workshops and to use their structure to lead people with the help of a main theme.

Key objectives

Consciously creating a script
Creating a structure for the course of the meeting
Mastering the variety of roles available to a facilitator
Ability to guide a group's attention
No need to be afraid of large groups!

Course content

The difference between agenda and workshop design
Steering with the help of a workshop design
Focusing attention
Preparation and time management
Methods used in large-group facilitation
Generating enthusiasm with introduction and transitions
Documentation and evaluation

Who should attend?

Leaders who preside over workshops and meetings that are longer than half a day and which are intended to deliver valuable results for all participants. Project managers and employees who plan, organize and facilitate workshops.

Your benefit

You will learn to use tools and methods to conduct inspiring and successful workshops. You will structure the course of workshops in a targeted manner and you will employ approaches to group work and presentations that will spur action and creativity.


Practical role-play
Theoretical input
One-on-one and group work
Knowledge exchange
Case studies
Reflection on personal experiences

Maximum number of participants: 14

This workshop can be booked as an internal company event.

Duration: 3 days

Location: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia

Participant quote: "I have realized that I, as the director of the scene, can greatly contribute to employees achieving good results."


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