PDF-InformationActing creatively and spontaneously during crises

There are times when everything happens at once. Everybody around you expects quick answers and well-founded decisions. In situations like these, you might lose your ability to react spontaneously because the fear of making mistakes is too great. Acting spontaneously and intuitively is an easy thing to do when you trust your ability to do it. In this workshop, you will learn to trust this ability of yours.

Key objectives

Feeling your spontaneity
Learning to trust your impulses
Deliberately using humor
Turning off your inner censor when needed
Learning to calmly analyze situations of crisis
Realizing what blocks you
Overcoming feelings of panic
Creating techniques for creative solution-finding

Course content

Feeling your own intuition
Blocks to creativity and intuition
The meaning of the inner censor
Exercises to ignite your creativity
Trusting your own spontaneity
Crisis management
Types of crises
When your guard becomes your greatest threat...
Tools for self de-escalation

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, leaders and managers who need to quickly find creative answers, solutions and reactions in chaotic and critical circumstances, both on the job and off. The workshop has been created for all those who want to keep a cool head when things around them go crazy.

Your benefit

You will learn to keep your momentum and listen to your inner voice despite hectic circumstances and high pressure to perform. You will take the few seconds you need and you will react calmly. This ability will enable you to help other people calm down and bring order into the chaos. You will not lose precious time brooding and questioning things, but you will turn to the next pressing problem. By trusting your own spontaneous creativity and your quick reactions, you will handle any crisis in all serenity.


Exercises used in improvisation theater
Knowledge exchange among participants
Peer-to-peer consultation
Practical role-play
Theoretical input and feedback by the trainer
Case studies
Group work
Reflection on personal experiences
Analysis of actual and difficult cases

Maximum number of participants: 12

Location: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia

Duration: 3 days

This workshop can be booked as an in-house event.

Participant quote:  "I was unaware of all the humor I have inside me and what I can do with it."


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