Leaders need to have very special skills in the following three essential leadership competences: Know Yourself, Take Charge and Believe in Others. Each and every leader can greatly strengthen his or her abilities in these three areas. We have matched each of these leadership competences to three different methods: Leadership Coaching, Leadership Training and Workshop Facilitation. We will assist you in selecting the most effective method for your leaders and with the implementation of the selected approach:


Know Yourself
A mirror for one's own role
Feedback for inner clarity
Distance for a common insight
Take Charge
Backing for courageous decisions
Guidance for hands-on action
Structures for practical solutions
Believe in Others
Optimism for confidently letting go
Exercise for direct delegating
Contact for effective collaboration


We are planning leadership training courses during which all essential leadership competences are strengthened. When planning and implementing leadership training courses, we take into account the industry, the organization's size, the strategy, the applied leadership approach, leaders' previous experiences and goals determined by them. Our Leeway Leadership Program is a basic structure that has proven to be very effective. Depending on your needs, we can add other elements or omit other areas of focus. For additional information about successfully completed leadership training courses, please go to Reference leadership development programs.