Leeway Coaching Center

Coaching Center

At the Leeway Coaching Center in Baumgarten castle, you have the opportunity to completely get away from the everyday hustle and bustle.  Life is idyllic here: chickens, ducks, and geese roam around the castle gardens. Let your eyes wander off into the distance, looking over the hills, and look at your professional situation from another point of view.  The change of scenery grants new insights and leeway for individuals, departments, and teams.

For our coaching sessions, we also use artistic methods as well as art therapy sessions, including drawing and painting.  For that purpose, we have stocked a studio with a large selection of colors, brushes, canvases and paper. 


Baumgarten castle is located at the western edge of the Vienna Woods, approximately 30 kilometers outside the Vienna city limits. The trip from downtown Vienna takes around 45 minutes. Baumgarten castle can be reached by public transportation.

Leeway Coaching Center
Schloss Baumgarten
Schlossstrasse 1
A-3061 Neulengbach