PDF-InformationLeading people effectively

Leading people means talking to people. Management duties are not limited to leading employees, but also include leading co-workers, supervisors, clients and suppliers. For all these meetings and dialogues, well-defined structures and a large array of possible interventions are used to convince people. In this workshop, you will learn techniques to broaden your personal repertoire.

Key objectives

Actively shaping meetings and dialogues
Being aware of different types of influence
Expanding your personal repertoire of interventions
Handling emotions with composure
Balancing self-perception and perception by others
Identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses when guiding conversations
Mastering important leadership tools

Course content

Actively shaping meetings
Handling difficult employees
Motivation & demotivation
Communication in emotionally difficult situations
Directive or non-directive leadership style
Goal-driven leadership
Self-perception and perception by others
Conversation techniques for delivering negative feedback
Delivering bad news
The first 100 days in a new position

Who should attend?

Führungskräfte, die ihre Mitarbeiter, Chefs, Lieferanten oder Kunden motivieren wollen. Mitarbeiter, die Menschen in Projektgruppen führen und andere Menschen für ihr Anliegen gewinnen möchten.

Your benefit

You will learn to increase your efficiency in meetings with precise preparation. Thanks to numerous exercises and feedback provided by other participants, you will get to know your personal strengths and weaknesses in the area of conversation guiding. You will immediately be able to practically apply leadership tools to provide orientation to people and to reach your goals.


Knowledge exchange among attendants
One-on-one work and group work with personalized exercises
Practical role-play
Introductory presentations
Group discussions to round off all activities
Peer-to-peer consultation
Practice and feedback in learning groups
Reflection on personal experiences

Maximum number of participants: 12

This workshop can be booked as an in-house event.

Duration: 3 days

Location: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia

Participant quote: "From now on, I will talk much less and ask many more open-ended questions."


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