PDF-InformationPersonal development and assertiveness

It is important for organizations that their employees and leaders stand up for their points of view vis-à-vis co-workers, clients and business partners without causing long-term damage to existing relationships. In this workshop, you will learn which effect you have on others and how you can enhance this effect without offending others. Assertiveness is not a question of strength or speaking volume, but of inner clarity and conviction.

Key objectives

Getting to know your effect on others
Balancing self-perception and perception by others
Awareness of body language and voice
Expanding your personal repertoire of self-assessment techniques
Improving your argumentation techniques

Course content

Bringing your personal point of view to the point
Convincing others in conversations
How to learn to say "no"
Handling "difficult" persons
Case studies: difficult everyday situations
How do I convince my boss?
Nonviolent communication

Who should attend?

Leaders whose tasks include convincing employees, co-workers, clients and supervisors. Employees who represent their unit or department in project groups and meetings.

Your benefit

You will stand up for your point of view using straightforward and easy-to-understand words. You will have a broad repertoire of techniques allowing you to persuade others. When disagreeing with others, you stand by your opinion without raising your voice or lowering it.


Introductory presentations
One-on-one and group work
One-on-one work for personal reflection
Practical role-play
Exercises used in improvisation theater
Analysis of actual cases

Maximum number of participants: 12

This workshop can be booked as an internal company event.

Duration: 3 days

Location: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia

Participant quote: "Ever since I realized that my role requires me to speak my mind, it has become much easier for me to argue in a persuasive fashion."


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