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Principles of Program Development

Collaborative program creation

We work with you to adapt the training course's content and methodology to your organization's needs and its leadership culture. Every organization needs a different focus. When it comes to your organization, you are the experts. Together, we will select the competences to be strengthened and we will then work on the didactic concept together.

The practice of leadership in the conference room

In the conference room, managers will work on their actual questions and concerns. Our modules revolve around focused and actual practical leadership. In the training course, participants with practice exactly what they do on an everyday basis on their jobs: perceive, reflect, decide and communicate.

Learning from each other

Whoever leads people, is faced with challenging situations and reaches his or her own limits. Many managers believe that they are the only ones to experience this. In our training courses, they realize that this happens to all managers.  Exchanging experiences takes pressure off managers and gives them the opportunity to learn from each other.

Transfer takes place on a constant basis

In every module, we encourage participants to transform what they have learned into actual steps and new habits. We assign task to our participants, which they can try out in between modules for faster results. Participants will feel that improving their abilities is up to them alone and they will act accordingly.