Essential Competence No. 1: Know Yourself

For a few days, the members of a department or a team retreat from the hustle and bustle of the everyday work routine in order to determine their own stance as well as their joint standpoint. The team helps everyone to decide what really is important. Together, it is easier to identify people and roles and to find ways to work together more effectively.

Possible objectives and content

Determining one’s own stance
Determining one’s developmental objectives
Discovering one’s own as well as common values
Examining the professional role and role conflicts
Finding and strengthening a common vision
Fundamentally improving interpersonal understanding

Situations and occasions for a retreat

Strengthening of team spirit
Sudden extensive changes within the organization
Preparation for big, shared steps
Recognition for outstanding team achievements
Jointly determining values
Finding of a role model for a team or a department
Stress and strain in turbulent times

Benefits for the organization

Employees who know their own goals and values can focus their time and resources on essential tasks. Hence, their impact on the organization can be multiplied many times over. Employees who have a clear vision of the future for their areas actively participate in creating the future for everyone.

Benefits for the participants

With their colleagues‘ support, participants can clearly identify their values. They are aware of their professional and personal goals and do not sway off that course. In this way, stress and burn-out can be avoided in the long term. Sensitive facilitation gives participants the opportunity to progress at their own speed.


Experience exchange among participants
Theoretical input and trainer feedback
Visualization exercises
Relaxation exercises
Exercises based on theater improvisation
Helpful and considerate consultation
Team projects

Locations: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia

Duration: 3 – 5 days

A retreat can be booked as an in-house event.

Participant quote:  "It became clear to me what is important to me and my department. I thank my colleagues for their support.“