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Managers are expected to handle contradictory expectations, to take independent action, to support opinions they do not share and much more. Even though one might be willing to do all that, one does not always succeed at it because old habits get in the way. In this workshop, you will learn to see how you get in your own way and you will expand your repertoire of actions.

Key objectives

Identifying and strengthening your personal leadership style
In-depth analysis of your own role and working on contradictions
Learning to handle dependencies
Consequently setting priorities in order to have time for proactive leadership activities
Familiarizing yourself with the values you live by

Course content

Role analysis
The difference between executing and leading
Dealing with others' expectations
Sorting out your own expectations
The longing for dependence
Dependence – counterdependence – interdependence
The important values in my life
Setting priorities and giving up habits

Who should attend?

Managers who are aware of the fact that they cannot meet everyone's expectations. Employees who lead project groups and who want to know how far their responsibility goes and learn how to handle contradictory interests between hierarchy and project.

Your benefit

You will find out what drives you in your role, what blocks you and where current conflicts and contradictions lie. By way of role analysis, you will learn to lead yourself. You will be able to allocate your resources more effectively. As a result, you will have more time for effectively leading employees, teams and organizational units.


Introductory presentations
Role analysis with feedback
Knowledge exchange among participants
One-on-one work for personal reflection
One-on-one work and group work with personalized exercises
Practical role-play
Group discussions to round off all activities
Practice and feedback in learning groups
Analysis of actual cases

Maximum number of participants: 12

This workshop can be booked as an in-house event.

Duration: 3 days

Location: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia

Participant quote: "Until now, I honestly always tried to meet all expectations. From now on, I will deliberately disappoint some expectations to make time for really important things."


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