Team Development
Essential Competence No. 3: Believe in Others

For teams and departments that work with each other during extended periods of time, it is important to improve the collaboration in the long term. This is possible when one openly talks about what has worked well, and about what has not worked so well thus far. We create a safe environment where it is possible to openly address conflict and problems. At the end of the workshop, specific arrangements for further collaboration are made.

Possible objectives and content

Permanently improving collaboration among each other
Discussing and solving conflicts in a safe environment
Getting to know one another better
Recognizing beneficial and obstructive patterns of behavior within the team
Discussing strengths and weaknesses
Supporting team members' responsibility and independence
Intensification of routine communication (not more time, but more involvement)
Share and celebrate successes together

Situations and occasions for a team development workshop

Newly formed team or department
Crisis within the team
Drastic team member changes
Organizational restructuring
Conflict between team or department members
New leader in the team
Merging of two departments or two teams
Team disintegration

Benefits for the organization

A team’s productivity depends on the interplay of its members. Through a team development workshop, team communication is improved and the team’s ability to solve problems is increased. Tasks can and be solved quicker and more permanently.

Benefits for he participants

Working in teams or in departments can be exhausting and confusing. All members have different expectations and needs. During the course of a team development, situations that put a strain on people can be addressed.  The consequently formed trust creates a solid basis for everyday collaboration.


Experience exchange among participants
Peer-to-peer consultation
Practical role-play
Trainer feedback
Case studies
Team projects
Reflection on personal experiences

Locations: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia

Duration: 2 - 3 days

This team development can be booked as an in-house event.

Participant quote: "The only reason problems became so big is because we never talked about them.